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Dating Culture in Cartagena, Colombia

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One of the world’s most famous places to find an ideal bride is Cartagena, Colombia. A number of men who seek long-term relationships and marriage visit the city for its beautiful and smart women. These women are among the most desired brides not just for their beauty, but also because of their favorable personality.

Dating Cartagena women can be a bit of a tricky business for foreign men like you. There are a lot of gaps you need to fill in given that you both come from different cultural backgrounds. Meeting halfway is one of the most important things that you need to do in finding your significant other.

Learning about Cartagena’s culture means creating bridges between you and a Cartagena woman. It won’t cost you a penny or two. If you’ve found your match online and you are now planning to meet her for a date, then getting familiar with the dating culture of these women is much favorable and timely for you.

To help you get ready to date her, listed below are the dating practices of Cartagena singles. Take into account these points and win the woman you’ve been dreaming about to tie the knot with.

1.Learn some Spanish first.

Cartagena women know how to speak English, so language would never create a huge gap in your relationship. However, it is much preferable if you know some Spanish words and expressions to let her know that you exerted effort before meeting her. Knowing Spanish would be advantageous for you.

Learning another language can be difficult at times. But this shouldn’t hinder your intent in pursuing her, especially at the early stages of your relationship. Moreover, you will get that plus factor because these ladies are so appreciative.

2. Learn how to dance.

If you know how to dance, then you are definitely ahead of the game. Cartagena ladies are naturally good dancers. At parties, they usually own and rule the dance floor. They love dancing and throughout their culture, it is their way of expressing themselves.

When you are dating her, don’t be afraid to bring her to the center of the dance floor to dance and sway through the sweet music. These women like you to show the world that you love her and that she belongs to you. They like to be loved while the whole world is watching.

3. Be ready in meeting her family.

Family in Cartagena doesn’t only mean her father and mother. This means her whole kindred because these women usually have extended families. They live with their parents, grandparents, and cousins.

These ladies are very family-oriented. Their families always portray an important role in their decision-making, so it is always significant that you also gain their approval. However, you have nothing to worry about meeting her kindred since the locals are very warm and hospitable.

4. She brings a chaperone.

In dating a Cartagena woman, don’t expect that she’ll be alone with a stranger like you, especially if it’s your first meeting. Usually, these women don’t go out alone, thus they have a chaperone. For them, it would be safer to go out with a friend or even a family member.

Realistically, going out with a chaperone is also their way of assessing you. The chaperone gives feedback and assessment about your personality and characteristics to the woman’s family.

5. Talk about marriage and having children.

Colombia is a predominantly Catholic country making their women very traditional with their beliefs. They believe in the sanctity of marriage, and if you have been dating her three to four times already, expect her to talk about marriage and having children in the future.

These women usually date not for fun, but instead, they are looking for someone to settle down with. You should be transparent in your intentions with her. If you are up into casual hookups, then you are wasting her time.

Since Cartagena women are traditional, then you should think of how a traditional dating looks like. Winning her heart wouldn’t be so hard if you know what she wants. And understanding her culture is the best way to gain points from her.

You may be loaded up with the things you need to know about her culture, but you shouldn’t also forget that hygiene and good manners will help you win her. Try to put on some decent clothes and the best piece of advice for dating is just to be yourself.

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Cartagena Women as Romantic Partners

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A woman who is drop dead gorgeous with endearing qualities is now hard to come by. There can be a lot of women with good looks but aren’t compatible and favorable romantic partners for you. However, there is nothing to worry about since all the qualities being mentioned above are possessed by only one persona, a Cartagena woman.

Cartagena brides are loyal when it comes to relationships making them great wives. They are one-man women and would stay through the sunny and rainy days of your relationship. They always stay true to their vows.

In the same way, they are also loving mothers. They make sure that their children also possess the same traditional values as theirs. The family’s needs come first before hers. This just shows how selfless these women are.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 April, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 April, 2024
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