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Cartagena Marriage Culture

A promise of a lifetime in Cartagena
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Marriage culture in Cartagena reflects the authentic culture and traditions of Latin American ancestry. Moreover, the way Colombians practice the sacred union is greatly influenced by the teachings of the Roman Catholic denomination.

In Cartagena, a series of events take place before the wedding day. Apparently, one of those is the customary bridal shower. The bride will be given a variety of monogrammed items to use for in her new households, such as towels, bed sheets, and table clothes.

A Serenata is also done by the groom to the bride the night before the wedding. During this event, the family and close friends of both sides congregate in the bride's house to drink Aguardiente - an all-time Colombian favorite anise-flavored liquor - eat mini empanadas, and gift the couple with silver goods such as plates, platters, and tea sets. The night is filled with traditional ranchera love songs.

On the wedding day, the church becomes a garden full of flowers - as well as the venue of the reception, which is usually held in a hotel, hacienda, or backyard. In a Colombian wedding, there are no groomsmen or bridesmaids. The bride will be accompanied by little flower girls wearing floral wreaths and carrying little baskets filled with petals, and a page boy carrying a cushion with the blessed gold rings and Arras covered in a piece of lace which will later be used as the first child's christening hat, following the Las Arras tradition.

After exchanging rings and vows, the couple lights a candle together, signifying their union as one body, and dance out of the church holding the lit candle. Right after the sacred rites, people proceed to the venue reception where the second part of the ceremony is done. This is observed almost like how other cultures do the reception after the more solemn wedding ceremony. A typical Cartagena reception is filled with music, dance, food, and wine. Latin people are a huge fan of dancing. It comes as no surprise if they celebrate weddings with Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Vallenato and the like.

Five Reasons Why Cartagena Women are Ideal Wives

Cartagena women for marriage
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Cartagena women's finer traits are based on their values and upbringing. No doubt why single foreign men are drawn closer to them. The following are five of the many reasons why single Cartagena women make ideal wives.

1. Love is more than a word for them.

When a Cartagena woman promised her love to you, she meant that she is willing to go out her way to make you feel it. She makes time for you. No matter how busy she could get, she tries her best to attend to your needs.

2. They are openly approachable.

Cartagena people have a friendly nature. Reaching her out doesn't need to be a tough job. If you marry a Cartagena bride, it's like you got a best friend or confidant. She is very expressive and straightforward.

3. They are “one-man” women.

Infidelity is extremely uncommon in Cartagena, and so is divorce. Although there is a law regulating divorce in the country, Cartagena wives work things out in their full capability. They do not easily give up on marriage, as long as they see it worth fighting for, they will fight for it until the end.

4. They are strong, independent women.

Cartagena women strive for personal and professional growth. Most of them are educated. Their parents taught them the importance of education. This consequently made them be career-oriented. On their own, they are sufficient and motivated. When you marry one, you will see how strong and independent she is in her endeavors. However, it makes a whole difference when she has someone to count on in dealing with life. Two heads are better than one after all.

5. They are both ideal wives and great mothers.

Cartagena people hold families with high regards. Their strong family orientation serves as their foundation for building their own family. They aspire to build a happy family of their own. They love children and take responsibility for them. They are not just ideal wives, but they make responsible mothers.

You get the best of both worlds when you marry a Cartagena girl. They are exactly what you are looking for that make them worthy for marriage. Date a marriage-minded Cartagena woman today through the best Cartagena marriage agency.

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