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Why Date Cartagena Women - Find Love in Cartagena, Colombia

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Behind the walls of Cartagena is where the city's treasures are long kept. One of these treasures includes Cartagena women. The women themselves make Cartagena a hot dating destination today. This is where finding love and long-term relationship have been made easier.

Beautiful, feisty, affectionate, proud, family-oriented, and creative -- these are some of the long lists of reasons why dating a single Cartagena woman is worth it. These distinct Colombian qualities set them apart from others. This has also justified why Colombia has become a favorable country for interracial relationships and marriages.

Dating a Cartagena girl is an intense cultural and emotional ride you will surely enjoy. Anticipate priceless experiences you will nowhere have but in Cartagena.

Before you fly to Cartagena, know more about these beautiful women’s dating practices derived from their culture and tradition. This includes the many different aspects of dating that you should put into consideration.

Dating Etiquette in the Cartagena, Colombia

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Cartagena women are dynamic and unpredictable. They will never fail to surprise a man and that they are beyond what one can expect. However, they still live up to their country's norm in dating.

Here are five key points on the prevailing dating etiquette Cartagena women uphold that you have to understand before going out on a date with one.

The Hard to Get Game

Cartagena women love to play hard to get and men love chasing. If you are a serious man wanting to win her heart, you have to play the game well. It might be hard to get her in the first chase, but it is going to be worth the effort and time. However, bouquets of flowers and old-school tactics still work for Cartagena women.

Chivalry is Alive

Colombian men typically ask a woman out on a date, pay for it, and take her home. It may sound like old-school, but it makes them feel very manly and in charge. Because of this, Cartagena women specifically expect all men to do the same. Like many societies in the world, a nice bachelor means having a courteous attitude and behavior towards women. A Cartagena woman loves the idea of chivalry.

Strong Familial Attachment

Family is everything --- Cartagena people strongly believe in this. Family is the most important aspect of life for most of them. It tends to have a major influence on individuals, especially for Cartagena women, since they are known to be family-oriented. There is a general expectation placed upon them to be loyal and committed to their family by putting the interests of the family above their own. Hence, it greatly affects their decisions in life. This undeniably affects their ideals of a date.

Dating Deal Breakers for Cartagena Women

You probably have ideas now on what turns off a Cartagena woman out from knowing her dating etiquette. This will help you set a favorable position with your potential date. Continue to read through this page to know some crucial points you need to AVOID so as not to break the deal off.

1.Having no serious commitment.

Cartagena women are faithful. They are committed to establishing a serious and lifetime relationship. They do not like to just play around. They are for long-term relationships rather than just for casual dating. If you want to pursue a single Cartagena woman, you need to have serious intentions and commitment.

2. Taking sexual advantages over her.

Cartagena women, like most Latinas, are undeniably hot. However, having a conservative upbringing, it would be a major turn off if you see her as sexual material. She prefers to take things at a slow pace. They date with high hopes of finding a husband they will spend the rest of their lives with. Show to her that your intentions are true and you are not just after sexual pleasures from her.

3.Dishonesty and disrespect.

Right attitude precedes right behavior. Being honest begets trust and respect. When in a serious commitment, Cartagena girls try their best to be honest, loyal, and devoted partners. These qualities are what they are looking for a man as well. You need to be honest with her in most things while still keeping respect towards her. You should also know the appropriate questions to ask Cartagena women. Be genuine and desirable.

4. Unhygienic lifestyle.

Colombians, in general, are very particular about being clean. They are very keen when it comes to sanitation; they take very good care of their body, so if you date Cartagena women, you can never be messy. Never fail to check yourself in front of the mirror if you are dressed well and with proper hygiene.

5. No clear future plans.

Financial matters don't really matter so much for Cartagena women. However, these women are future-oriented. This is drawn back to their strong family orientation. They have bright plans for the future, and they have been working on it long since they have been capable. Choosing the right guy to share their life with is one of their crucial decisions in life. Do not be surprised if a Cartagena woman asks you about your future plans; you must be clear with it.

Five Tips for Dating Single Cartagena Women

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Bear in mind the dating etiquettes that Cartagena women uphold derived from the culture and traditions in Cartagena and what their deal breakers are. Wooing a Cartagena girl need not be stressful. However, it requires careful thoughts and appropriate efforts.

Listed below are tips coming from the best matchmaking agency in Cartagena. Take these into account and experience a successful and fulfilling date:

1. Talk to her with your charming accent in Spanish.

To win someone's affection means to be charming. You can be charming in many ways. In the world of Colombian dating, a man who attempts to speak reasonably in Spanish serves much of an aphrodisiac. Before you set foot on Cartagena, learn some common Spanish expressions you can use on a date.

2. Make her laugh with good jokes.

Laughter is good for the heart. Make your sense of humor work during your date, or if you don't have it yet, practice. Cartagena women are happy people. They find it worthwhile to be with a company filled with laughter and fun. You are serious about winning her heart, but you don't need to set the mood of your date that way too much.

3. Keep your ears open.

Even before your first meeting, or while on the stage of getting to know each other better, be keen with every little detail about her that she tries to let you know. Make use of those details to impress her on your first date. While on your first date, listen actively and keep your ears open before you do or say something.

4. Make her fall with your good sense of fashion.

Cartagena women are naturally beautiful. How fashionable and sophisticated they dress comes out naturally. They are head-turners; you cannot help but stare at her insatiable. They ideally want to see a good sense of fashion from their dates. Hence, wearing your personality in a fashionable and attractive way is a big factor. Show your charm with your get-up on your date.

5. Win her family's heart.

Colombian families generally love foreigners so it won’t be hard for you to be "accepted" or favored for her. Cartagena women are just so attached to their families that their opinions on their dates count a lot, so if you date a Cartagena woman, it means you date her entire family.

Give importance to the dating etiquettes and deal breakers of Cartagena when choosing to commit with a Cartagena woman. Sign up now and join our singles vacation which has been set to different dates this yet. Grab this lifetime chance and grant yourself the happiness you deserve.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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