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How Cartagena Women are in Love

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Love in the Time of Cholera, an internationally acclaimed novel written by a native Colombian author was first published in Spanish in 1985 and was consequently translated in English in 1988. An English-language movie adaptation was released in 2007. It tells the story of a man who never stopped pursuing a love-worthy Cartagena woman for 50 years until he succeeded.

Garcia Marquez never actually name the setting of his story, but his description of the "city of the Viceroys" is a close match for Cartagena. His descriptions of the setting in the novel paint the picture of a complex and colorful city. Much of the scenes in the 2007 English movie adaptation of the novel were taken in the historic, walled city of Cartagena.

Marquez’s masterpiece has made Cartagena an ideal setting for love and romance. It continues to draw foreign couples and singles to experience one-of-a-kind love and romance in the city. Cartagena has not only kept some of the most beautiful women in the world, but the most romantic and passionate ones. Know some of the facts on how romantic and passionate they can be in love.

The Upbringing and Traditions of Cartagena Women

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The way Cartagena women are raised by their parents and the traditions they adhere to has greatly influenced their perspective in love. This, in one way or another, has made them utterly grateful and loving individuals.

Respect is a big moral that is instilled in Cartagena women from a very young age and is never lost. Cartagena girls at 25 still ask for permission to be out late from their parents. It is not about parents being controlling or annoying. Family is the strongest aspect of every Cartagena woman’s life. Single Cartagena girlscontinue to strive to make up to and live by their family's expectations. They put so much effort into establishing a strong ground to a family she is part of.

Family is where everything starts. They are well-brought up according to the culture and traditions of Cartagena. Cartagena women are without a doubt religious and traditional. The teachings of the Roman Catholic Church serve as their guide in their dispositions in life. Both culture and religion have shaped their desirable values and attributes.

One thing that the rest of the world can learn from Cartagena women is the ability to look on the bright side. Despite financial adversities and daily shortcomings in life, you will find that Cartagena people in general are some of the warmest, funniest, and most generous people you will ever meet. They value what they have, and they are hopeful and determined towards achieving what they don't have yet.

Why Cartagena Women are Ideal Lifetime Partners?

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Cartagena women, one among Colombians, are highly respected by men in the world. The matchmaking and marriage agencies in Cartagena continue to gain popularity and credibility. Single foreign men who are seeking love from single Cartagena women see them as ideal lifetime partners.

The girls in Cartagena are brought up to be married. At a young age, they are taught to take charge in household chores. Their parents give them duties such as cleaning the house, doing the laundry and dishes, and the like. This is geared towards making them responsible homemakers. Their parents also show positive examples in marriage and parenting. Cartagena women are not just for long-term commitments, but for a lifetime and happy marriage. They make both loving wives and caring mothers.

Based on a CNN Travel survey, Colombian women are rated as the #1 most beautiful women in the world. Many men, especially from the United States find these exotic women irresistible and angelic. More than being physically beautiful, they are remarkably beautiful on the inside. What really sets them apart from their counterparts is their desirable and pleasing personality. This is due to their fine and responsible upbringings, dynamic culture, and religion.

They also live a modest life. Despite difficulties and struggles, they have learned to be grateful and contented. Living a simple life with a humble and happy family, they come to appreciate the simplest things in life and hold with high regards family more than any other things

If you are looking for a woman with all of these endearing qualities, then marrying a younger Cartagena woman is the perfect choice for you.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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