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Why Asking the Right Questions on Your First Encounter Matters

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It can’t be denied that first dates are exciting, yet it can be tricky, too. Why is this so? It’s your first time meeting someone you find interesting and talk to them personally which is really different from talking to them over the phone and the like.

There can be a lot of barriers that may hinder effective communication, especially if you are planning to date foreign women, like the Cartagena women. In a relationship where both partners have different cultural background, expect that language barrier and cultural differences will be one of your challenges. It’s always better to know and understand Colombian dating culture before dating one.

Usually, first dates are all about creating good first impressions. Looking good and presentable during a first date and on to the next is one way of making a good impression. Surely, your Cartagena girl would also be exerting effort to make herself look extra stunning for you, so it’s just proper that you also reciprocate her efforts.

However, there are a lot of factors that may make or break a first date. One factor that may create a big impact is through asking questions. Naturally, on a first date, you would be asking lots of questions because you are getting to know each other on a personal level. Some questions may sound offensive, so it is important that you ask the right ones. The right questions will make a long way for you, especially in getting to know her. It’s also another way of showing your interest toward her.

Asking the right questions leads to a positive result. Learn the favorable questions to ask your Cartagena date and which to avoid.

Favorable Questions to Ask Her

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In Cartagena, families are usually extended, so it’s prim and proper that when you ask her out, you should also ask her family’s permission. In this way, you are showing them that you also respect them even in the young stage of your relationship. Doing so would also gain their approval too, which is very significant.

First dates aren’t always as easy as you think, but the good thing about dating Cartagena women is that they are very warm and hospitable. They aren’t so difficult to be with since they know how to compliment you. However, it is still favorable if you know some questions that you may ask her. In this way, you avoid miscommunication that might occur.

Below are some of the favorable questions that you may ask her on your first date:

1.Who is/are the most important person/s in your life?

This is a good question during the first date. You need to pay attention to her answer with this question. It would help you understand her better and determine her ability to create close relationships.

2. What do you do on Saturdays on your ‘day off’?

This is a way of knowing how she spends her free time. It’s a safe question which you can engage in follow-up questions. You can also lengthen the conversation by sharing your own experiences.

This question also lets you assess her personality. For example, if she answers you that she still works, then you can tell that she’s career-oriented or if she engages in sport in her free time, then she’s athletic. It’s a question to consider since you’re not always on each other side to know what you’re both doing.

3. What songs make you want to dance?

Cartagena women are innately good dancers. They love to dance and it is their way of expressing themselves. This question would send signals to her that you are really interested because you know that dancing is part of their culture since time immemorial.

Listed above are some of the questions that are favorable to ask on your first date with women from Cartagena. If you have familiarized and understood the questions mentioned, then you are now ready to strike a meaningful conversation with her. Just bear in mind that your questions should be open-ended since it is easier for her to explain and for you to know her more.

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Questions to Avoid Asking Her

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A first date is considered to be the most important since this will tell if you have the chance for that second date or not. This is why creating good impressions and winning her heart on the first date, if possible, are your top priorities. That’s why you need to know the do’s and don'ts in dating in Cartagena.

You’ve already known the favorable questions you might ask a Cartagena girl, however, you also need to know the questions that are not-so-favorable to ask. Nobody wants a messed up date, so it’s better that you know both things.

Listed below are the questions that you should not ask:

1.Why are you still single?

This is actually a common mistake among men who date women. At first, they would compliment the women, and ask why they’re single. For Cartagena women, they think it is offensive since it’s like telling them that being single is too bad.

These women are still looking for their match, and there’s nothing wrong with being single. It’s better that you’re happy, instead, about it because you still have the chance to date and marry her in the future, if things work well between both of you.

2. Where do you see ‘us’ in the next five years?

Yes, maybe both of you are looking for someone to settle with, however, this is a question that isn’t so favorable to ask. Why? This question sounds desperate, and it’s a weighty question to ask for someone you just met.

3. What do you want to do tonight?

This is a big no-no during your first date. Yes, women may have ideas on what to do, but it’s better if you go on to the date having a plan. If you ask this question, it just shows that you aren’t prepared and you don’t have any plans. This is a way of ruining her first impression toward you.

With just an improper question, you may ruin your date, so it’s really important to know what’s favorable and not, before you head on to that date. Just don’t forget to be sensitive to every single word you say and be yourself in dating a woman from Cartagena.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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