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Avoid Awkward Silence When Dating Colombian Women

 a photo of foreign man and Colombian women Avoid awkward silences when dating Colombian women for the first time and so forth.

Unless you’re with a sibling or with an old friend, then you’re not exempted to feeling awkward maintaining a conversational flow with someone you barely know, especially if it is a date with Colombian women. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve known much about your date beforehand through social media, had already formed a special connection while dating online, or have garnered information from your mutual friends, if awkward silences happen, they risk your first date toward having no second.

If you’ve already asked most of the basic questions to your partner, then you both are in for a treat of awkward silence. But when dating a Colombian woman in America, there are so many ways to grab control of such a situation and turn the tables in your favor. While it may be better to avoid awkward silence out entirely, you never know if they could happen. After all, not every date can turn out the way you want it.

Well, it’s a different thing when you put a language barrier into the equation. Generally, Colombians speak Spanish at a whopping percentage of more than 99.2%, making it less than 10% for the population that speaks English. However, this shouldn’t scare you in your pursuit of dating Colombian girls. With the help of some mobile phone apps or translation sites, you can very well integrate yourself into this Spanish-speaking nation filled with beautiful women.

Additionally, we’re talking about Cartagena here where locals can talk English at a reasonable level. This means you need not learn the language itself, but if you want to impress your bilingual date then you can show off some Spanish phrases you’ve picked up. If you’re not confident enough, then you can try learning through the Duolingo app. Your phone’s translation program can also help a big deal.

Whether you make a serious effort to learn Spanish or not, what matters is not to hesitate in talking whatever may come to your mind. There are plenty of causes behind awkward silences, but what is important is not making them linger too long otherwise the date goes south pretty quickly. So, here are ways you can make it a better date experience with minimum to zero awkward silences:

Prepare for conversation topics

If you’re seriously worried that you’d run out of topics during a date, then it wouldn’t hurt to prepare for some you might be mutually interested in. Even if you already know a lot about each other before the date (her basic information, likes, dislikes, hobbies, sports, or whatsoever), you can revolve your conversation around these things.

But you should know that you, alone, are very interesting to even the most beautiful Colombian women. These women are very open-minded, especially when it comes to cross-cultural relationships. Make yourself more interesting by preparing questions to ask a Colombian girl.

Don’t interview her

While relatively a date can be more like an interview, don’t take it as that. A date is supposed to be fun and engaging—not a hot seat. Probing with too many questions at a time can be overwhelming; how much more questions that aren’t formulated out well. There are certain kinds of questions that you need to avoid asking, such as marriage, how many children she wants to have, or how she sees herself in the next 5 to 10 years. Choose safe questions instead. This early, you may just want yet how much you have in common, such as the movies she watched, books that she has read, or places she has been.

Smile, nod, and make eye contact

These are non-verbal expressions that show you really are listening, which also encourage her to keep talking. Avoid constantly looking at your phone or maybe unintentionally acting that you’re distracted or your date will assume that you’re uninterested, which can cause the start of awkward silence. When you meet Colombian women for a first date, she’s no different from you or anyone. That means she’d love to talk about herself. So aside from showing her you’re interested, ask her questions that unveil her passions, which she will certainly enjoy talking about. Getting her to talk about herself can also mask any nervousness you may feel by shifting her focus on herself instead of on you.

Skip negativity

This means don’t talk about something negative. Daters may have the tendency to complain or talk about something they hate to serve as a topic filler. However, it might get a little awkward complaining when your Colombian date isn’t actually interested in joining your complaining party. On the other hand, this also means not being negative to yourself. The very reason you’re hesitant to speak about something may be because you think you’ll look stupid when you do so. You might think she’s not into this or that, when really, all you need to do is relax and say what you must or feel like saying given that it’s a safe question or topic.

Do something active

Movies show dinner dates can be the most romantic, but in real life, that might not be a wise thing to do. Colombian women really love to dance, so you can take her out for that. Well, nothing beats sitting down and talking to each other, but if the conversation escalates to an awkward silence, then you can always suggest that you go out somewhere, like a walk in the park, bowling, or go to cinemas. If all else fails and she’s still not interested, your last resort is to find a way out.

Don’t force it

Despite your best efforts, if you and your date are just not clicking, whatever you say or do won’t matter at all in the end. The best you can do in this situation is don’t force yourself. One bad date doesn’t necessarily reflect on you personally. It simply means you and your date are not meant to be. Besides, there are other fish in the sea.

Awkward silences, for all you know, can turn to your advantage. If you maintain your cool despite that, your date will sense how you manage to remain confident despite the tension. The Colombian women you’re dating will surely pick it up and think that you really are interesting.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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