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Conveying Value to Colombian Women | Cartagena Dating Tips

two beautiful women wearing white shirts Show how much of a keeper you are to Colombian women.

If you’re on a date with Colombian women who are as serious as you are in finding their life partner, then you might already have a gist as to what’s running through their minds. Just like any woman, your Colombian date will wonder if you’re the type who will stick with her for the long haul.

Leaving her good impressions on the first few dates is crucial. If your goal is to commit to a serious relationship, then showing off how much of a keeper you are at the outset is a big deal. For the most part, let her know she’s valued. Long-term couples thrive because they value each other. It can be hard to determine whether someone would treasure you or not, especially if you’re just in the initial stage of Cartagena dating.

But there’s no need to fake your interest and attention when you can see your future with a Colombian lady. Here are ways you can convince you’re worth her time and that you’re a keeper:

Don’t pull her away from her friends

Before you even met, she already had her friends with her during simple days to crazy Cartagena nightlife episodes. If you’ve gotten to the point of meeting your Colombian date’s friends, try to be on good terms with them as much as you can, or at least, don’t pull her away from them. Doing so shows how much you value her personal life other than what’s going on with you two.

Make time with her friends

If there’s any other way to show her just how important she is to your life, it’s making an effort to hang out with the people she loves, even initiating things to do in Cartagena with them and following it through. After all, they are the people she talks to about you. So it would be great winning them over.

This is also a great way to convey that you want to be involved more in her life. You’ll still have to deal with them anyway, just not too soon.

Be willing to meet her family

If she asks that, then it’s a good sign! It means she’s willing to take a huge step in your relationship, and so the question is are you ready? If you talk to her about meeting her family (or agree to it when she asks you to do so) then go all the way to impress her family upon meeting them. This effort will make her see how much you’re already thinking about the future with her.

Notice the little things

Did you notice that she got a new haircut, sweater, or shoes? Don’t let her effort in looking good go to waste without a compliment! Let her know you’re seeing her, even with the little changes. It’s a good time to give her reassurance that you are paying attention, and for her, nothing is better than being paid sweet, little compliments.

But really, do compliment her from time to time

Not just when she changes her hair color or does her nails; take time to compliment her. Girls, even if they already know how attractive they are, they still want to hear praise. Obviously, this is one of the easiest things to do since it’s not that hard to say good things about her looks or fashion sense, and all other positive aspects.

Complimenting about her personality, her wit, or her interests goes a long way in making her feel appreciated.

Be there for her during hard times

You don’t have to bring a solution to her problems; you only need to be someone who has her back; be her shoulder to cry on. While there isn’t much drama usually during the early stages of dating, but just in case it happens, be there for her.

Relationships thrive with healthy emotional support between couples. If you want this kind of relationship with a Colombian wife, show how much you care. With that trait, you are most likely to attract women who are just as caring as you.

Be constantly available

Don’t just show to her when you feel like it, pick up your phone and get to her as soon as she needs you. She will greatly appreciate it even if it’s just a 3-minute call when you make an effort of being there for her when she asks you for it.

Be her biggest cheerleader

This is going to be one of your main roles despite the ups and downs when dating a single Cartagena woman. On downtimes, be her steady shoulder to lean on. In the ups, be her biggest supporter. If she’s promoted in her career, congratulate her. Not being threatened by her success is an indication that you intend to be with her in the long run, which leads to the next point.

Be happy for her when she’s happy

Figuratively, you know that Colombian cupid’s arrow has hit you when her happiness becomes your new priority. When she says she wants to go somewhere and do things, you go with her not because you want to but because you know she’ll be happy with it.

Think of ways to make her happy. Does she seek affirmation, quality, physical display of affection? One way to keep your relationship strong is to make sure she feels validated and appreciated.

Encourage her to become the best that she can be

In Colombian dating websites, your options for women may feel endless that it becomes easier to compare one to the other. However, when you find "the one", it’s time that you stop searching and make your new date feel good about herself when you’re spending time with her.

The best thing you can do is make her feel like the luckiest woman on earth, and she’ll regard you as a potential life partner.

Colombia has got a lot of beautiful and single Colombian women who are as ready as you to commit into serious relationships. Don’t miss out on showing the one you’re especially interested in that you are a keeper. Someone who’s going to value her from the start even with all the bumps along the way.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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