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Dating a Colombian Woman for Valentine’s? Here’s What to Expect

woman in red with roses
Is dating a Colombian woman just like dating any other woman?

You’ve finally got a date this Valentine’s, and she’s no ordinary woman. Yes, you asked out a fine lady from Colombia, and she said yes. You may have dated a few women before, but any true gentleman will tell you the same thing - every date is different. So what can you expect when dating a Colombian woman?

Before you even begin, understand the setting. Are you in Colombia, or are you in the United States? Because you need to understand one important detail: While they do have Valentine’s day in Colombia, they don’t celebrate it on the 14th of February, but rather in September.

Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t set your date for February 14. You most definitely can, but the circumstances surrounding your date will depend on where you will be. But let’s say for the sake of discussion you decide on February regardless, then your next problem will be who you’re dating.

Remember, no date is the same. No formula is effective a hundred percent of the time. And most of all, no one likes being stereotyped. But you have to know at least a little about who you’re dating so you know which pitfalls to avoid. And believe it or not, everything is a pitfall in love month. So, where do you begin?

It’s all about the gifts.

Valentine’s day is about gifts. And guess what, Colombian women like nice things. They enjoy looking good, and nice shiny objects are always a welcome surprise. But before you get overly excited, realize one thing: This is your first date, so don’t get too crazy about it. And considering that Valentine’s is often associated with very particular gift-giving traditions, you may want to begin there.

So let’s go down the list of possible things you can get her:

1. Flowers and Chocolates

If you want to be absolutely safe and guarantee a pleasant reaction, then you simply cannot go wrong with a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers or a fine box of gourmet chocolates (stay away from Snickers and Toblerone).

This advice isn’t specific to Colombian women, but rather women in general. They make excellent first-date gifts in most circumstances, and it’s hard to go overboard with them.

2. A Handwritten Letter

Handwritten letters are a staple on this day. It’s also a good opportunity to get in a few Spanish phrases yourself. One thing you might want to watch out for, especially on the first date, is overdoing it. Here’s what’s meant by that:

While handcrafted items are always appreciated, keep it simple. Forget about glitter and multi-colored pens, as that might give her a less-than-masculine impression of you. Don’t forget that it’s your first date as well, so keep it brief. You can’t write about all those moments she made your heart flutter when you’ve barely spent any time together. Don’t make your feelings out to be deeper than they actually are. Also, the brevity adds a bit of mystery and mystique.

3. Something Novel

You can also gift her with something out of the box, like an old classic dance music record, a vintage wine, or meaningful memorabilia from your hometown. But that’s the key word - meaningful, so there has to be a bit of a story behind your gift. Not only will it make her think you care a bit more, but it also is a great starting point for a conversation.

4. About Clothes and Jewelry

If there is something Latina women love, it’s looking glam and sexy. But unless you truly get the woman you are dating, clothes and jewelry are terrible things to give on a first date. These are things you give when you are much deeper into your romantic relationship.

First, they are seen as more intimate objects to give a woman. Jewelry is a symbol of longevity and endurance. It’s normally meant to be given to a woman you have long-term plans with, so giving jewelry on the first date is silly. And depending on what you get, it is unnecessarily expensive.

Unless this person is your long-time girlfriend or your wife, stay away from clothing and especially lingerie. You’ll have to guess her style, her taste, and most importantly, her size.

couple date with candles
Some guys want their first Valentine’s day date to look like this. But is this what you should expect?

Managing Your Date Expectations

While she may still be a foreigner to you, understand that women from Colombia are not all too different from their western counterparts, so general pleasant and gentlemanly behavior is a must. While she may or may not fit the Colombian woman stereotype, be aware of how they typically are.

When planning out your date, make sure you have time to get to a dance floor. If there is one thing you don’t want to miss out on with a woman from Colombia, it’s getting your groove on. These women love to dance. Sure, you might not exactly be Fred Astaire, but as long as you’re a good sport, you’ll both have a good time.

They love being sexy as well. But that’s par for the course, considering they’re Latinas. Many of them are naturally curvaceous, with black, wavy or curly hair. Just don’t get too distracted. Remember, women don’t like jerks, whether it’s the first date or the hundredth. So keep your eyes focused on her face.

While they are generally Catholic and adhere to many old-school traditional tenets when it comes to family and social behavior, it doesn’t mean they don’t like to be flirted with. So take your chances. She may or may not be into physical displays of affection, but that’s what you are there to find out. But know when you’ve reached your limit and don’t push for more than what she is comfortable with.

Be a dignified date and partner.

While you may think you have outgrown Valentine’s day, it always pays to be a class act. Remember, you’re not the only one who wants the night to be a success. Amidst all the flowers, chocolates, balloons, and corny advertisements, the day still celebrates the joy of romantically loving another person. And hey, consider yourself lucky. You’re dating a Colombian woman after all. That’s a heck of an achievement.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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