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Men Colombian Women AVOID Dating

No man is flawless, pure, and without traits that women would find undesirable. But that doesn’t give you a reason not to try and be better for the people you respect, and especially for the woman you love.

If you are hoping to date a beautiful and kind Colombian woman while still having toxic traits and discouraging habits, best believe you will not succeed in getting to experience a happy future together with her.

Picture this: Somewhere along the way, you will meet several bumps on the road and get into disagreements with her. They will all stem from misunderstandings because of the ugly things you believe in, express, and continually do.

So to save your heart from hurting — including that of the lovely Colombian lady you wish to date and have a relationship with, you must learn which traits to avoid for you to be a better man for her.

While that may not be a particularly fun and easy experience for a man like you, it is necessary for you to be able to work things out with the woman you love.

Listed in this love advice for guys are habits that are undesirable to Colombian women. These are serious issues that should be given thought.

A photo of a Colombian woman wearing a white off-shoulder top You can’t win a Colombian woman’s heart with these discouraging traits. | Photo by Gustavo Almeida on Pexels

Not addressing issues in the relationship.

Was there ever a successful, healthy relationship where communication was not present?

With open communication, men can avoid certain issues they may encounter dating Colombian women.

Ask yourself, are you simply keeping things quiet so as to keep the status quo? Are you not able to come up with ideas of your own? Or do you believe that relationship issues, like any other problem in your life, will simply simmer down and find resolution on their own, as they seem to have always been?

These are all toxic patterns that can possibly destroy your life and your future love. Try to realize open communication is needed to build healthy relationships.

You can be a quiet man, but you should never be a silent partner.

Thinking that cheating is normal.

There is just no excuse for this kind of behavior, is there?

Not only does cheating break a couple’s union, but it also shatters the basic foundation of a relationship that was built on trust and commitment.

If you currently have this type of mindset, then we ought to tell you now that the odds of having a happy Colombian girlfriend are definitely not in your favor.

Still not convinced that cheating is never acceptable, especially in a romantic relationship?

A recent survey shows that more than half of the sampled couples ended their relationship immediately when the truth about cheating came out. Another percentage dealt with the issue before finally separating.

While there is not much you can do to salvage what you may have already done in the past, you can always be a proactive type of guy.

Once you enter into a committed relationship with your lady, consciously choose to love her day in and day out.

Banish from your mind any and all ideas about having a sexual relationship with other women. Remind yourself why you stayed with your girlfriend in the first place, and we are sure that you’ll never go astray.

Accepting that stealing from one’s girlfriend is fine.

It doesn’t matter what you steal — whether it’s a bag of gems or a few loose coins — because theft is deliberately causing harm to another person.

Imagine how much more hurtful this would be if it happened in a supposed transparent and loving relationship. Wouldn’t that be considered stealing from your own self, as part of a partnership where you chose to invest time and effort just as much as the other?

It’s a complete disrespect towards their trust in you and the relationship you have with each other.

Whether it's secretly taking money out of a shared savings account or misrepresenting the number of drinks you put in her tab, the bottom line is that it will hurt your partner.

Find professional help if you want to do and be better. Find ways to properly apologize and make it up to her too.

Being a toxic person in general.

You will never succeed with a Colombian woman if you are bringing toxicity into the equation.

Being toxic isn't just in the most obvious of actions; there are many other ways for you to inflict pain on a woman, be it the one you are currently dating or not.

Ask yourself, do you resort to name-calling when in a fight? Do you pull out sentiments like “but I love you” when called out on something?

You might be gaslighting your partner without meaning it, and in turn, you will have effectively dampened her self-esteem.

In short, you can be toxic and not know it until the relationship blows over in your face.

Be aware of your words and actions, and learn to address issues. If you think the problem runs deeper than that, consult a counselor.

Not respecting her deal breakers.

Maybe the way you chew your food with your mouth open and cough without covering up annoys the lady you are dating without you knowing it.

She might be coming up with several reasons to not meet up with you due to certain habits and preferences of yours that she has simply gotten tired of.

Deal breakers aren’t just superficial bullet points to live by because they can mean so much more to other people.

An example may be smoking or drinking to the point of passing out. While you might enjoy these things, your Colombian date may not. And for that, she may start to consider the thought of ending things with you for good.

Whatever the reason may be, learn to respect what she has to say — the same way you would want her to do for you.

Don’t forget to share what ticks you off as well, and it will be a fair deal. Colombian ladies are patient and understanding like that.

Having unreasonable bursts of anger.

Displacement is all too common in many relationships.

You come home all stressed out from work and feel that you have to let the anger and pain out, and towards who, other than the woman right in front of you?

You think that this is fine since she is close to being the least threatening person around. Never have this kind of mindset.

While this may be a form of defense mechanism, considering that anger is a very natural and common human reaction, it still doesn’t excuse you from misdirecting your negativity on another person, let alone your partner.

The time will come when she will run out of patience and understanding for you and will decide to retaliate in the same way. Then things will surely get ugly.

Change your tactics whenever you face moments of struggle and pain. Talk it out with someone you trust, as adults. Then, find a resolution without breaking your partner's trust in you.

A hug, kiss, or moment together will work just fine.

Traits To Trash

The change needed to save your chances of making it work with that special Colombian woman doesn’t have to be the grandest one or the most drastic.

Simply pinpoint the issues and address them one at a time.

Keep this love advice in mind and always choose to work things out with her. You will surely see good results.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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